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Post Vendetta is a horse racing partnership with the excitement of ownership in multiple horses. This partnership is most importantly about fun by partaking in the long lived classic tradition of horse races. The second benefit is the potential reward of making a lot of money. We believe we have the magic formula to create the maximum amount of fun with the least amount of financial risk. There is no doubt thoroughbred race horses are expensive to buy into and own, but we don’t own the horses in full – that’s the trick. In the partnership, each partner owns a small percentage of the horse, between 4%-25% to reduce reoccurring cost of ownership. With less financial strain in ownership, this allows partners more  opportunities to attend more horse racing events.

Post Vendetta, is a founded by Robin Middlebrook in a general partnership with FrostGate LLC.  Robin Middlebrook grew up with the love of going to horse racing events in upstate New York. Growing up going to Saratoga and Belmont horse tracks, those will be Post Vendetta’s focus. Those NY tracks are beautiful, the horses are amazing, and the stakes are higher at NYRA races.

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horse racing is a lifestyle.

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Saratoga 2017 (July – September)

Belmont 2017 (April – July)


Thoroughbred racing has no finer setting than Saratoga Race Course, which was opened over 150 years ago. Named one of the world’s greatest sporting venues by Sports Illustrated, the past comes alive in the historic grandstand every summer as fans experience not only the best in racing, but the unmatched ambience and charm of historic Saratoga Springs.


Since 2012, numerous improvements have been made to enhance the guest experience while preserving its historic architectural elements, including the installation of hundreds of HD televisions across the property and new video display boards in the Paddock, installing Trakus technology for horseplayers and enhancing and expanding the Belmont Cafe and the Top of the Stretch picnic area. Last year, guests were be greeted by $5 million in improvements to the transit rotunda on the west end of the Grandstand, as well as new rail station platforms, which increased the Belmont Station train capacity from eight to 10 cars and improved egress from the track on major racing days.

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team experts

  • Robin Middlebrook
    Robin Middlebrook Founder
  • John Smith
    John Smith Horse Broker
  • Denzel Jones
    Denzel Jones Trainer

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